AOL Taps FourthWall Data for Ad Targeting

AOL said it has struck an expanded licensing deal with FourthWall Media that will enable it to tap into second-by-second set-top box info for targeted TV advertising.  

AOL said it began to onboard FourthWall data in 2011, and will now include a larger set of information from about 2 million U.S. homes across 90 DMAs that it will apply to its programmatic video buying platform.  AOL said that data will enable it to provide a more complete assessment of viewing patterns to better correlate spend recommendations for advertisers.  

“Data and the activation of data through automated platforms is at the center of our strategy, particularly in television,” said Dan Ackerman, head of programmatic TV at AOL Platforms, in a statement. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with a key data partner in FourthWall Media, providing raw, second-by-second, matchable viewing data to enable more narrowly targeted brand messages within TV programming and ultimately drive measureable business outcomes.” 

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