AOL Expands Capabilities of One By AOL

AOL has announced that it has added One by AOL: Creative to its One by AOL automation platform as part of a larger effort to help agencies, advertisers and publishers better create, execute and measure dynamically targeted ad campaigns.

“AOL is on a mission to greatly simplify the chaos prevalent in digital advertising,” said Bob Lord, president, AOL in a statement. “Creative development, one of the most capital-intensive parts of the advertising process, is certainly no exception. With One by AOL: Creative, AOL is not replacing the human touch of the creative process with robots; we are empowering all constituents with data and automation to help inform intelligent, human-driven design and creative that meaningfully elevates business results.”

In launching the product, the company noted that it had been making extensive investments in machine earning platforms, automation and cross-screen creative tools for a number of years.

AOL also noted that the process of creating ads is an area ripe for some automation and cited data showing that marketers typically spend nearly 30 percent of their digital ad budget on creative production costs, and a quarter of their time every week designing, adjusting and handling creative assets.

One by AOL: Creative builds on that experience to address some of those issues.

These include tools to simplify the creation of cross-screen ads that can be created once and run everywhere.

It also offers imposed ways to personalize creative content utilizing integrated audience and custom data segments; simplified measurement tools; deep integration into its buying and audience platforms; real-time optimization; and other features.

The One by AOL: Creative offering launched in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom on Sept. 14. Additional markets will be rolled out in upcoming months, the company said.