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Anti-Super PAC Groups Take Aim at Olympic Ad Buy

NBCU is being pressured to pull millions in advertising from
the Olympics from groups critical of Super PAC election spending.

According to an email being sent around Monday, United
Republic, Purpose and Rootstrikers, all critics of the Supreme Court ruling in
Citizens United that corporations and unions can't be banned from direct
campaign ad spending in the run up to federal elections and primaries, are
asking folks to email NBCU CEO Steve Burke with their complaints.

They say Restore our Future has bought $7.2 billion worth of
campaign advertising in the Olympics, first reported in
but that there should be a "no advocacy ad" policy in
the games that applies to the Restore Our Future ads. "In the past, networks
have set up special 'no advocacy ads' policies during events like the
Super Bowl. If enough of us raise our voice, we can pressure NBC to do the
same," they said.

The Obama campaign has reportedly also bought millions of
dollars in advertising across various NBC properties during the Olympics.