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Analysts: Verizon Deal For iPhone Likely Shuts Out Cox, Other Carriers

Verizon Wireless' deal for the Apple iPhone, expected to be announced
Tuesday, probably includes an exclusivity provision barring competing
wireless providers other than AT&T -- such as Cox Communications,
Sprint and T-Mobile -- from landing the coveted device for the rest of
2011, according to industry analysts.

In a survey of 85 investors
released last week, Morgan Stanley found that 75% said they expected
AT&T and Verizon Wireless to remain the sole carriers for the iPhone
this year. AT&T has been the exclusive provider of Apple's iPhone
since its initial June 2007 launch.

Meanwhile, 57% expect AT&T
to post one or two quarters of negative postpaid adds in 2011 because
of its loss of iPhone exclusivity but be positive for the year, and 85%
of investors expect the arrival of the iPhone to Verizon to cut into
annual EBITDA margins by at least 100 basis points, according to the
Morgan Stanley report.

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