Analyst: Potential Cord Cutters See the Pay TV Light

In what will likely spread like wildfire throughout the marketing departments of cable, satellite TV and telco TV distributors nationwide, a focus group report conducted by Sanford Bernstein media analyst Todd Juenger shows what they have suspected all along –  when faced with the reality of severing their pay TV subscription, cord cutters don’t want to cut the cord.

Juenger held the first of what will be a series of focus groups in New York on March 12, and according to his report, the key finding was this: “none of these at-risk cord-cutters is likely to cut the cord.”

Other focus groups are planned for Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.

But in the New York group, according to Juenger’s report, participants – 16 men and women aged 23-38, the age groups most identified with severing ties to pay TV – found it extremely hard to craft the package of channels that they watch most at a reasonable price, one of the main selling points of over-the-top TV offerings.

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