Analyst: Bundles Could Curb Cord Cutting

Sanford Bernstein media analyst Todd Juenger held his second cord-cutting focus group – this time in San Francisco – and found that some so-called "at-risk" cord cutters keep their pay-TV and Internet bundles mainly because it’s cheaper than standalone Internet service.  

The San Francisco group followed a similarly sized panel held earlier in the month in New York and had the same general findings – even younger customers who said they were likely to sever the pay-TV cord in the next six months changed their minds after being presented with current OTT offerings.  

Juenger surveyed 18 men and women aged 21-to-38 (his New York group consisted of 16 people aged 23-to-38), an admittedly tiny sample. And before the Internet gets its collective knickers in a twist, Juenger himself admits that the samples are small and cautions anyone from drawing broad conclusions from the findings. But still, this is his second of four focus groups (others are planned for Chicago and Boston) and they do provide at least some insight into what younger people are thinking.

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