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AMC Makes Killer Promotional Deal

AMC has teamed with national newsstand
franchise Hudson News and book publisher Random House to create a promotional
campaign around its new original scripted series The Killing.

The campaign also includes presence in over
5,000 book clubs countrywide, with each club receiving an extended video
preview of The Killing and an
introductory note from AMC's president Charlie Collier. Book clubs will also be
entered into a sweepstakes which will award $2,500 to be used to cover club

Theresa Beyer, vice president of activation
and promotion for AMC, said the promotions will help the network tap into the
loyal fan base that reads books with crime/mystery genre.

"We felt that by reaching people who
love books that offer the deep stories that mystery/crime drama/suspense genre
delivers, would really love and appreciate The Killing,"
she said. "We saw an opportunity to tap into what is already a huge, huge
fanbase for the genre."

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