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Alliance Takes Aim At Retrans In Ads

The American Television Alliance, which is another
name for "cable operators and others for retrans reform," has taken
its campaign to the pages of print publications targeting Washington decision
makers and a national audience.

The ads are all scheduled to run this week in 10
publications including Roll Call and Communications Daily.

A source said that the six-figure ad buy was in
part meant to provide a parting reminder to legislators about the issue as they
head out the door at the end of the week to try to get re-elected.

The alliance was formed by a "strange
bedfellows" mix of companies and organizations including Cablevision,
Verizon, Dish Network, AT&T U-verse, the American Cable Association, Public
Knowledge, the Parents Television Council and Starz, as well as about two dozen

Theirs is a two-front effort to try and get
Congress to legislate change, or the FCC to act on a petition--filed by many of
the alliance members--to institute "reforms" including standstill
agreements and outside arbitration.

Independent producers (ATVA members and others), including
representatives of Outdoor Channel, Retirement Living TV and Gospel Music
Channel, flew into D.C. last week to pitch the FCC and the Hill on retrans