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Alcorn McBride Adds Features to SetPlayer

Alcorn McBride will introduce an enhanced feature set to its SetPlayer video playback product line at the NAB Show in Las Vegas in April. As part of those upgrades, the single channel SetPlayer, which designed for on-set video applications, will add a 1080p output with 40 Mbps maximum bitrate.

Also as part of the upgrades, it will be work with existing VDCP controllers and come with Alcorn Encoder software. The software, which delivers a complete workflow solution, provides a step-by-step method for encoding any source file and transferring it to the SetPlayer unit.

"We launched the SetPlayer line at NAB 2010 and listened to customer feedback," said Jeremy Scheinberg, Alcorn McBride COO in a statement on the upgrades. "We added enhanced features like 1080p to increase output options, and created Alcorn Encoder to provide a complete workflow solution."