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aioTV Brings OTT To DTAs

Although interactive programming guides can spruce up simple one-way Digital Transport Adapters  (DTAs), an Android-powered device from Denver-based middleware specialist aioTV aims a bit higher—the ability to tack-on and integrate a broad menu of streaming video and other over-the-top content.

aioTV said it will demonstrate how its Android-based PassBox can be optimized to work with DTAs and enable MSOs to stitch in a mix of OTT content alongside the operator’s live TV feeds at next week’s NCTC Winter Educational Conference in Tampa, Fla.

Similar to how the PassBox works with more traditional interactive set-tops, the DTA-optimized version of aioTV’s Internet-connected device is also tethered to the DTA via an HDMI link and securely passes through the pay-TV signal. This HDMI pass-through capability enables users to view live TV and access OTT fare without requiring them to toggle to a different input manually.

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