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#AdvancedAd 2016: Programmatic Expands Choice

Complete Coverage: Advanced Advertising

New York – NBCUniversal’s decision to expand its programmatic advertising efforts across its platforms – dubbed NBCUx – is the result of a three-year effort by the content company to make it easier for ad buyers and sellers to purchase inventory smarter, faster and more efficiently.

NBCUniversal executive VP of business operations and strategy Krishan Bhatia, speaking at the Multichannel News/B&C Advanced Advertising Summit, said prior to its NBCUx effort, which consolidated platforms, strategy and go-to-market approach, clients couldn’t buy across more than two NBCU networks and only had about 20-25 digital properties to choose from.

“The chapter we are embarking on now, how we converge these two, means our go-to-market approach is more holistic and uniform,” Bhatia said in a keynote session moderated by Multichannel News/B&C editorial director Mark Robichaux. “It means we offer solutions that span the total audience.”

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