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Advanced Advertising: Standards, Education to Drive Addressable Ads

Complete Coverage: NYC TV & Video Week

New York – Solid audience segment definition standards, effective pricing and better education for both buyers and advertisers will help addressable advertising finally live up to its potential, according to a panel discussion here Wednesday.

“The lack of standard audience segments is probably the single biggest impediment, said Acxiom executive VP, Communications, TV & Media Eric Schmitt, said at the NYC TV & Video WeekAdvanced Advertising Summit. He pointed to an earlier discussion that said it could take as much as four-to-six weeks to define audience segments.

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“Four-to-six weeks to figure out the target segment is just too long,” Schmitt said.

“We need to provide audience segments that are portable. Advertisers want to define a segment once. Whether it’s first-party data, experiential data, they want to do it once and make it actionable across the ecosystem.”

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