Advanced Ads: Gillman: Screen Size Influences Viewing Behavior

New York—As Time Warner Cable Media has entered the world of TV Everywhere via a platform that enables advertisers to dynamically insert customizable, targeted ads into live TV feeds across various devices, the head of the MSO’s ad sales unit wants to gauge consumers' viewing behaviors and how that should better inform attendant ad loads and messaging.

Joan Gillman, executive VP and COO of TWC Media, said that with the video world becoming even more fragmented via the IPTV environment, the TWC Media Ads Everywhere platform is helping the operator and its clients to better understand varied vehicle consumption and how they compare to linear TV watching.

Gillman, speaking during the opening keynote at NewBay Media’s "Advanced Advertising: Profiting from a Targeted Audience" event at the Grand Hyatt Thursday afternoon, said early returns show that IPTV video looks very similar to linear consumption in that viewers spend more time with smart TVs or devices connected to the bigger screens than they do with tablets down to smartphones. Noting that the shows are the same, “it’s the screen influencing the behavior, not the content.”

That, in turn, begs questions about whether the ad load should be the same, or if different commercials should be put into play. Gillman said that in 2014, TWC Media wants to set up data collection points to prove whether it makes sense to use similar ad models and creative, or deploy fresh strategies thereunto.

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