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Advanced Ads: Addressability Is Paying Off, Panelists Say

Addressable advertising is being used today, making clients’ ad buys more cost-efficient and driving consumer purchases—a good-news story that multichannel-video providers, research providers and a media buyer on a panel said is getting increasingly well known.

Panelists at cable-industry events, talking about ad technology enhancements, often talk about this being the year of testing or deployment, and next year being the year the technology goes mainstream. Not so at this addressable-advertising panel. “I think if anything this was the year of the ROI,” or return on investment, Caroline Horner, senior VP of product innovation at TV-measurement firm Rentrak, told panel moderator Jon Lafayette, the business editor of Broadcasting & Cable.

DirecTV senior VP of ad sales Keith Kazerman, who’s been in the news lately discussing DirecTV and Dish Network’s new offering of household-addressable ads to political campaigns, defined addressable ads as video advertisements targeted at specific audiences at the household level, via live, on-demand and DVR-recorded programming.

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