Advanced Ads: 40% Of Comcast VOD Viewing Is In C3 Window

New York—With ad-supported TV representing the top video-on-demand category at Comcast, it makes sense that the operator is pursuing a variety of ways to help the MSO and its programming partners better monetize that content.

And the number of eyeballs that are attracted to those shows is on the rise. Roughly 40% of VOD viewing on the Comcast platform is in the “C3” window, Rob Holmes, vice president of advanced advertising for video at Comcast, said Thursday afternoon during a keynote interview with Multichannel News editor-in-chief Mark Robichaux. As tracked by Nielsen, C3 refers to the first three days following the debut airing of a TV program.

The newest weapon being forged to take advantage of this trend and this viewing window is the On Demand Credit Rating, an initiative launched by Comcast that uses dynamic ad insertion to splice the ads in the most recent episode of a TV series into the prior episodes in the season that are banked in the VOD system. Boiled down, ODCR picks up part of that DAI viewing and applies it to the Nielsen C3 rating.

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