Advanced Ad: Initiative's Leece Says Category Lacks Scale, But Is Taking Off

New York -- Bret Leece, chief analytics officer for Initiative U.S., likens the status of addressable advertising to activity an airport.

Speaking during the closing keynote at NewBay Media’s Advanced Advertising event here at the Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday afternoon, Leece said this level of advanced advertising has not landed scale yet.

“Call it the testing phase, but I think it’s taking off,” he said. “To use the analogy of a plane at the end of the runway, it’s a couple of feet off the ground. I’m not sure how high it will go, but it’s taking off.”

Asked by B&C business editor Jon Lafayette about advanced advertising's acceptance from advertisers, Leece said it depends on the type of client. “It’s much easier for hard-core DR [direct-response] advertisers, who want a response and want it now,” versus brand advertisers “measuring more things on delivery.” For brand advertisers, things are “a little further out,” he said.

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