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adRise Launches Free Connected TV Platform

As more programmers eye Internet connected TVs as a way to deliver content into the homes, adRise is launching adRise Connect, a free Connected TV distribution platform that is designed to help content owners build, distribute, and monetize video apps for all the major Connected TV platforms.

The new adRise Connect platform is designed to help address a number of problems, including the fragmentation of operating systems and hefty development costs, that have slowed the development of apps for connected TVs.

Currently adRise platform supports a number of connected TV platforms, including Google TV, Boxee, Western Digital, Roku, Samsung, iOS and Android, and Yahoo Connected TV. Supported manufacturers include Apple, Sony, Vizio, Toshiba, Samsung, and Logitech.

An early adopter of the system is Starz Digital Media's Manga Entertainment. It used adRise to build apps for multiple TV platforms; to supply the advertising technology to display and track ads across TV platforms; and to monetize the content with ads, adRise reported.

"We're committed to helping premium content partners reach the growing number of viewers across all Connected TV platforms without having to incur up-front costs," said Farhad Massoudi, founder and CEO, adRise in a statement. "We are seeing revenue for our content owners spiking as consumers increasingly purchase Connected TVs, advertisers chase after those viewers who no longer are watching traditional TV, and more content is jumping onto Connected TVs. And that is exactly why we are offering adRise Connect for free."