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Adobe Angles To Be Login Nexus For 'TV Everywhere'

Adobe Systems wants to hold the keys for the pay-TV industry's "TV
Everywhere" party.

The software company, whose Flash media platform powers most Internet video
sites, announced the Adobe Pass authentication service, which lets cable,
satellite and telco TV subscribers access premium programming from a variety of
Internet-connected devices.

In fact, Adobe Pass has already been launched: The charter customer for the
authentication product is Turner Broadcasting System. Turner's TV Everywhere
sites for TBS, TNT, TruTV, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim all use the Adobe
Pass system to connect with pay-TV providers.

On the provider side, Adobe has integrated with Comcast, Dish Network,
Verizon FiOS TV and Cox Communications to enable visitors to Turner's TV
Everywhere sites to log in once -- without having to re-enter their credentials
on the other sites.

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