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Ad Group Joins CIMM

The Association of National Advertisers has joined the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, a group of major programmers, agencies and advertisers with a goal to speed up innovation in cross-platform measurement.

ANA members include 650 companies with 10,000 brands that collectively spend over $250 billion in marketing and advertising. Through industry collaborations, the ANA is emphasizing a “Measurement Mandate” to bring more attention and resources to improving the tools advertisers use to plan, buy and evaluate the return on investment of advertising.

“On behalf of CIMM member companies, I am pleased to welcome the ANA as a new member” said CIMM managing director and CEO Jane Clarke in a statement. “The ANA represents major advertisers who are a critical component of CIMM’s coalition of media buyers and sellers.  Advertisers are taking a stronger interest in improving media measurement, and we welcome their voice at the R&D table as we develop new cross-platform measurement systems and metrics.”

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