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Ad Council Teams on Global PSA Site

The Ad Council has teamed with the World Economic Forum and
PR firm Ketchum to showcase public service campaigns around the world.

Being unveiled Friday, the new platform, Creative for Good,
provides a tool to tap into over 60 case studies from around the world, ranging
from an anti-smoking campaign in Belgium to a sanitation marketing campaign
from Tanzania.

"Creative for Good features inspiring and provocative
case studies that will serve both as a catalyst and a guide for those who want
to use their talents for social good," said Ad Council CEO Peggy Conlon.
"This initiative has the potential to help move the needle on many
critical social issues, ultimately benefiting people throughout the world."

The idea is to provide a clearinghouse of ideas for
successful and innovative programs for smaller nongovernmental organizations
(NGOs) and other groups.

The platform will also share insights on factors
in the campaign's success and put them in contact with the campaigns' sponsors
and creators.