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Ad Council, FEMAAdd Shazam to PSAs

Second screen provider Shazam has announced it will be working with the Ad Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency on a new public service announcement campaign that will help people better prepare for major emergencies.

The PSA's are for the Ad Council's and FEMA's Ready Kids campaign for television, radio, outdoor, and web and will be distributed nationwide as part of National Preparedness Month in September.

The alliance with Shazam for the PSAs will bring its second screen offerings to the effort so that anyone who Shazams the PSA will immediately get access to additional information.

"This new partnership with the Ad Council perfectly exemplifies the value that Shazam can bring to public service advertising," said Shazam CEO Rich Riley. "The PSA that the Ad Council produces are designed to help educate Americans about issues that are important to them. By integrating Shazam into this campaign, the Ad Council and FEMA will extend their message, providing additional facts, video and other resources that their audiences need to take action to prepare."

The Ad Council will also have access to analytics provided by the Shazam Engagement Rate, so that the organization can see which ads are working best. It will have access to data by show, type of show, channel, day of week, day-part mix, and other factors that could help in their TV planning efforts.

"By working with Shazam, we can give Americans a new way to use technology to gain access to FEMA's emergency preparedness tools and resources," said Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of the Ad Council.