ActiveVideo Gets More Active With Charter, Cablevision and Japan

ActiveVideo has launched what it claims to be a highly
scaled version of a cloud-based platform that's designed to deliver "TV as an
application" and ship a unified version of a pay-TV provider's user interface
to a broad array of devices, including QAM-locked set-tops and IP-connected
TVs, gaming consoles and specialized streaming boxes.

Tied in, the vendor also announced an expanded deal with
marquee customer Cablevision Systems, a new cloud UI deal with Charter
Communications and a partnership with Japan-based Sumitomo that's designed to
aid ActiveVideo's push into the Asia Pacific region.

On the product end, ActiveVideo said it is beefing up
scalability of its CloudTV H5 platform with an upgrade that enables UIs and
animation to be rendered more smoothly and to reduce bandwidth requirements by
up to 50%, and a "smart multiplexing" feature that can increase the number of
CloudTV sessions delivered via a cable operator's legacy QAM network.
ActiveVideo also introduced a family of micro software clients (less than 200
kilobits in size) for managed devices (i.e. MSO-supplied set-tops) and
unmanaged gear (i.e. retail devices) under the "Nano" moniker.

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