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AccuWeather Adds Social Media Tools to StoryTeller

AccuWeather has added social media tools to its StoryTeller Interactive Touchscreen System that will make it much easier for broadcasters to share viewer-generated opinions and comments on air.

The new Social Media app imports social commentary from a variety of social media sites and allows newsroom personnel to quickly and easily aggregate user-postings and to pre-screen the content for on-air appropriateness.

It also allows on-air personalities to easily scroll through posts and telestrate highlights.

"What makes the Social Media application so appealing to broadcasters is how it truly opens up a whole new dimension of ‘conversation' with viewers," explained Ryan Ayres, VP of AccuWeather's Display Systems and Services division in a statement. "No longer do stories and events need to be treated as a one-way form of communication. We've made it easy and flexible for broadcasters to bring their audience into the story, virtually on the fly, so there's a real sense of immediacy and relevance."