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ACA Joins in With Net Neutrality Suit

Add the American Cable Association to the fast-growing list of cable and telco trade groups suing the FCC over its new Open Internet order.

“Although the ACA and its small and medium-sized cable operator members supported the adoption of rules to protect the openness of the Internet, ACA is challenging the FCC’s ‘Open Internet Order’ today because the FCC’s specific means of achieving this common goal — reclassifying broadband Internet providers as common carriers — are legally unsupportable and a step backward," said ACA president Matt Polka.

Like the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, which also filed suit Tuesday, ACA had signaled that court action was an option after the FCC voted Feb. 26, along party lines, to reclassify ISP's as telecoms under Title II. Also like NCTA, ACA filed in the D.C. circuit.

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