ABC’s Ugly Upside-Down Resolution

ABC has launched a massive Ugly Betty promotional campaign dubbed “Be Ugly ’07,” which it is selling as a pro-social campaign that asks people “to be real, be smart, be passionate, be true to yourself and be ugly, just like Ugly Betty,” this year.

The network promises to “turn the word ‘ugly’ upside down” by challenging conventional perceptions and stereotypes of real beauty.

It says it will promote self esteem and empowerment, kicking off the effort with a cross-promotional effort involving an original song, stunts, appearances, interstitials, a dedicated web site ( and an event designed to create awareness for the movement.

The campaign began during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, where hundreds of Betty look-alikes invaded Times Square, and continued at the Rose Parade Jan. 1 and at Walt Disney World, which handed out Ugly Betty masks to help people “see the world through Betty’s eyes, where ugly is beautiful.”

It also extends to other Disney assets, including ABC Family and SOAPnet, and to star America Ferrera’s cover pictorial in the February issue of CosmoGIRL, which involves a special charity event Jan. 8 in New York.

Meanwhile, Atlantic Records singer/songwriter Jason Mraz has composed “The Beauty In Ugly,” will be used in a variety of mediums, including TV and a music video. It will be released for download this month on the iTunes Store.