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ABC News Digital Hits 100 Million Video Starts

Since starting its alliance with Yahoo! News in Oct. of 2011, ABC News Digital has seen some significant increases in video streaming, traffic, social media and mobile usage, according to the news organization.

In January digital videos were streamed more than 100 million times, up 179% compared to the Sept. 2011 figures.

Traffic also hit records last month with over 414 million page views to ABC News content, up 165% in the last four months across the various ABC News digital platforms that include,, on Yahoo! and ABC News articles on Yahoo! News.

Even larger increases occurred at on Yahoo!, which has tripled its monthly traffic in the last four months.

The ABC News and Yahoo! News' digital original video series, which includes Newsmakers, Around the World with Christiane Amanpour and This Could be Big with Bill Weir, tripled their video streams. In the last month alone the series grew 219%.

In terms of social media, Facebook referrals to in January doubled and Twitter referrals increased 62%.

In the mobile space, the ABC News' mobile audience grew 16% in January month over month and page views increased 24% compared to Dec. 2011.