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Aaron Rodgers Named Most Marketable

According to Sports
Business Daily
, the most marketable player (and quarterback) in the NFL is
not playing in the Super Bowl, and the Manning (Eli) that did make the big game
is still not the most marketable quarterback in the family.

The Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers was picked as the most
bankable and mediagenic by corporate brand managers, marketing and brand
executives, agencies and football media.

Number two was Tom Brady of the Patriots, who will be in
next week's Super Bowl against Manning. And though he did not take a snap this
year due to a neck injury, Peyton Manning still came in at number three.

Rounding out the top five were Saints QB Drew Brees and
Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. All but Peyton Manning made a run in the

Eli Manning came in at number seven behind Steelers strong
Troy Polamalu (of the shampoo commercial-friendly flowing locks), the only non-quarterback
other than Packer Clay Mathews (#9) and Raven Ray Lewis (#10) to make the list
of top 10 most marketable. Also on the top 10 list were Panthers quarterback
Cam Newton (8) and Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who tied for tenth.