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The 5 Must-Watch WineVine Videos

A newly ripe OTT channel for wine lovers everywhere,, launched on Aprill 22 focused on offering vino-flavored content for both novices and connoisseurs. 

Although WineVine is based in the land down under, network CEO Frank Brown, former CEO of MTV Networks Asia Pacific, saidthe digital network will target “the fast-growing international audience of wine consumers” and cover the “global” market.

The OTT company has partnered with video content developer Brand New Media, which also powers digital channels Healthy Me and

Here are the five must-see videos from WineVine.  

True or False - Is Wine Good For You?

The debate over whether vino has health benefits constantly flip-flops. In this clip, WineVine’s lead host, top Australian wine writer Jeremy Oliver, explains what he’s learned from studying reds, whites and the scientific literature on both. Here, Oliver speaks about wine's general benefits as well as its heart-healthy properties. 

Introduction to Varietals - Pinot Noir 

Dubbing it “the holy grail,” “the impossible dream” and “the heartbreak grape,” Oliver describes the “full, intense” French wine and the best places the grapes are grown. He also explains how to recognize a great bottle of pinot. It is clearly the wine to know.

Cellar Notes - Corks vs. Screw Caps

For everyone who’s ever wondered whether corked wines are better than screw-top wines, wine educator Mark Davidson sets the record straight, detailing the differences in the capping process. Although screw tops may seem less sophisticated, Davidson shows why they’re the better choice.

Meet the Maker - Lake’s Folly (The Lake’s Folly Difference)

In this installment, the first in a trio of deep dives into unique regional wine makers, host Oliver speaks to the creator of Lakes Folly wines, the first boutique winery in Australia. Folly’s winemaker Rod Kempe also dishes on how his business got its name. 

Warming up to Cool Climate Whites - Canadian Chardonnay

WineVine isn’t all about Australian vino. In this series — which goes longer than the channel's other videos, hitting the 22-minute mark —  local experts visit grape growers and wineries around the globe.  For this episode, sommelier Tom Doughty  investigates Canadian white wines like rieslings, chardonnays and sauvignon blancs, hitting topics like fermentation, food pairings and “cool-climate” white wine.