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3net To Start Running 3D Ads In April

Even though 3net's initial audience via DirecTV will be less than
100,000 potential viewers, the 3D television network from Discovery
Communications, Sony and IMAX has garnered "huge interest" from
advertisers in running three-dimensional spots, according to president
and CEO Tom Cosgrove.

Starting in April, 3net plans to beginning
running 3D ads. Cosgrove declined to identify advertisers that may be in
the mix but said 3net has had discussions with movie studios,
automakers and consumer packaged goods companies.

"It's a new medium for Madison Avenue to play with," Cosgrove said.

Early research suggests that advertising is more effective in 3D. ESPN -- which ran ads from Sony, Gillette and Pixar
on its 3D network during the 2010 World Cup -- found that ad
recognition grew from 83% in 2D to 94% in 3D and likelihood of intent to
purchase rose from 49% to 83%. Moreover, ad "likeability" jumped from
67% to 84%.

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