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3net Launches Consumer Website

The stereoscopic 3D channel 3net has launched a dedicated consumer Website,, that is designed to help consumers get more involved with 3D content and the channel's programming.

"Translating 3net's 3D network experience to an online environment posed a unique challenge, and I'm proud of what our marketing group was able to develop in the few short months since we undertook this initiative," said Tom Cosgrove, president and CEO, of the channel, which is a joint venture between Sony, Discovery and IMAX, in a statement. "We now have a dynamic online platform that allows us to expose curious consumers to the immersive experience of 3D television, while expanding the reach of 3net's content offering to the broadest possible user base."

As part of the channel's expanding digital efforts, 3net has also launched dedicated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages and on Nov. 25 is planning a dedicated mobile site.

3net's two-person marketing staff oversaw the project, with vice president Rod Riegel serving as online creative director, and 3net's marketing manager Renee Mansfield serving as online executive producer.  The 3net team worked with the digital agency Blitz on the site build.