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3DTV 2011: ESPN's World Cup Coverage Netted A 'Presence'

New York -- ESPN's 3D presentation of the 2010 World Cup had a certain "presence."

was one of the key findings of a comprehensive study by ESPN Research +
Analytics, which compiled results, spanning over 700 measures, from
more than 1,000 testing sessions and 2,700 hours of participants
watching live or nearly live matches at the Disney Media and Ad Lab in
Austin, Texas, last June and July.

Speaking at the "3DTV 2011
What's Next?" conference here Thursday afternoon, Artie Bulgrin, senior
vice president of ESPN Research + Analytics, said that while there
weren't significant differences among viewers checking out the contests
in 2D versus 3D relative to enjoyment and involvement levels, there was a
major uptick in the "presence" quotient.

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