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2nd Screen Summit: Rapid Growth of ‘Big Data' CanIncrease Consumer Engagement

New York -- With consumers engaging with content on more
devices than ever, companies are also gaining more metrics on their customers
than ever before, which can be used to more effectively monetize, market and
learn about their needs, said Debi Stack, director of industry consulting,
telecom, media, entertainment, sports & hospitality at Dell at the 2nd
Screen Summit here Wednesday.

At the event, which was co-sponsored by B&C and
Multichannel News
, Stack gave a presentation to attendees about how to use data
gathered from second screen devices -- expected to grow 650% over the next five
years -- to deliver contextually aware information.

"Data can be aggregated and analyzed to help U.S. content
providers deliver the right content and the right advertising in way consumer
enjoys, so they don't consider it spam," she said.

Stack gave the example of sports leagues being interested in
so-called "big data" to know who is buying their tickets and using second
screen devices in the stadiums to integrate their customer relationship
management systems, point of sale systems and ticketing systems to engage fans
to buy tickets to the next game or pre-order concessions, for instance.

"Not only know who our audience is and what they're
interested in, but we know where they are with location-based services and we
can begin to do predictive analytics," she said.

The challenge with data gleaned from second screen devices
is of course privacy, though Stack said that there is both personally
identifiable information and anonymous information.

"With the proper data analytics, you can aggregate both and
you can annonimize [sic.] the data and you can profile the consumers so then
you can go back and target based on profile but not on personally identifiable
information," she said.