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2009 Cable Show: Time Warner's Bewkes Touts 'TV Everywhere'

Cable Show 2009: Complete Coverage

Washington -- Mere hours after his online subscription model was basically dismissed by Disney CEO Bob Iger, Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes took the high road in avoiding a public spat, opting instead to unveil HBO Go, a broadband complement to the premium network only for subscribers to the linear service.

Earlier in the day, Iger said that a subscription model similar to Bewkes' "TV Everywhere" concept would be difficult for Disney to embrace. But at a later panel at Cable Show '09 on Thursday, Bewkes made no mention of Disney, instead reiterating his belief in putting all content on line as part of a cable, satellite or telco subscription.

"We're all being too slow," Bewkes said. "We should put up all our networks on the Internet, out on broadband right now. Get it out on home screens, broadband screens, put it on the Hulus and YouTubes, but only if people are subscribing to the video plant."

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