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2009 Cable Show: More HD Carriage for Outdoor Channel

Cable Show 2009: Complete Coverage
Outdoor Channel, the cable network specializing in hunting, fishing, shooting, off-road motorsports and other outdoor adventures, has gained carriage for its high-definition network with several major cable operators in the past month.Comcast added Outdoor Channel HD on Comcast New Mexico in several key markets, including Los Alamos and Portales, on March 20.

Time Warner Cable rolled out Outdoor Channel HD to systems throughout North and South Carolina, adding approximately 2 million potential homes; TWC also carries the HD network in Yuma, Ariz., Coeur D'Alene and Mountain Home, Idaho; and Pullman, Wash.

Additionally, RCN has been delivering Outdoor Channel HD to subscribers in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, D.C. since March 1, while U.S. Cable of Coastal Texas is now carrying the network in the markets of Table Mountain, Woodland Park, and Ft. Collins, Colo.

"The HD simulcast of our content continues to generate significant support from our distributors who are delivering top quality HD services," said Randy Brown, senior vice president of affiliate sales & marketing for Outdoor Channel, in a statement. "We have a very robust inventory of programming and the enhanced HD picture resolution truly drives home the visual clarity of the great outdoors."