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YouTube Awards MIA?

So earlier today YouTube put out this press release announcing the YouTube awards for user-generated videos in seven categories (we wrote about it here). All well and good, right? But here's the rub: According to the press release users have between today and Friday to vote for their favorites by going to - at least that's what the press release and the dozens of articles that have popped up about it say.

But when we've tried to load the page up from our computers here at the office we keep getting, well, nothing. Or rather sometimes we get the message that "This channel is not available" and sometimes we get a user profile page for YTAwards. Weird, right? And this has been happening all morning.

Is this just us? Has any one else been able to vote yet?

Our calls and e-mails to YouTube and its PR flacks have not been returned.

UPDATE: We just heard back from YouTube's folks who tell us that "The link you have is correct, however it is currently not live but will be up shortly." Fingers crossed everybody.