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Your Free Overseas Bureau

Interesting topic over on TVSpy about what seems to be an intriguing option, at least on (cyber) paper, for news stations, especially in this crap economy. It’s free (and, apparently, propaganda-free) content from our overseas wars from the military, there for the taking for stations.The program is called the Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS), it’s created by taxpayer money, and stations are free to customize and localize the feeds as they see fit.

The beginning of the DVIDS guy’s pitch is worth sharing, if only to highlight some fantastically overcaffeinated prose, and some of the most alluringly astounding alliteration you’ll witness all day.

Let’s face it, no matter what your position is in the newsroom, you may feel like your budget is under attack by economic terrorists determined to silence the voice of local news nationwide. Budgets are hacked with mathematical machetes. Talent is torched with financial flamethrowers. Reporters written off. Producers pushed out. Photographers flushed into the streets.

Sound too good to be true?