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The 'Young Fired Me' Blog

While poking around the Web for some perspectives on Young Broadcasting’s not-all-that-bad Q1 earnings report today, I stumbled upon the "Young Fired Me" blog, penned by a couple laid-off KWQC Davenport (Iowa) staffers. 

Reads the initial post in early February:

Did Young Broadcasting Fire You?

We want to help.  We’ll post your resume, a YouTube clip of your resume, whatever you like.  We’ll break it into categories, and then publicize it so employers will have a one-stop shop. Why are we doing this?  We started our careers at a station now owned by Young, and without those people, our careers wouldn’t be as rich as they are today.  

"Young Fired Me" got off to a decent start, but seems to have petered out, though not for a lack of laid-off Young staffers. Maybe the site’s founders found jobs?

One reader suggests a similar site for laid-off Clear Channel employees.