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Would I Want To Work For Diddy?

Diddy’s back on reality television, and this time he’s not on MTV trying to make a band, but on their sister network VH1 looking for an assistant in his new show I Want to Work for Diddy. The show is reminiscent of Donald Trump’s reality franchise The Apprentice, with the hip-hop mogul putting 13 hopefuls through rigorous challenges to prove that they are worthy of being a part of his coveted entourage, and at the end of each episode sending someone home (or in this case having security guards escort you out).

The show’s first installment has the contestants running around New York City trying to complete such tasks as washing Diddy’s car (interior and exterior), auditioning a clown for one of his children’s birthday parties, taking food orders for everyone in his Daddy’s House Recording studio, searching a grocery store for organic applesauce, all before they even meet him

It takes a special person to become Diddy’s assistant. A person who doesn’t require much sleep, can take orders from one of the most demanding entertainers in the music business, wants to travel the world, and someone who just wants the advantage over the competition when they can put being Sean “Diddy” Combs’ personal assistant down as work experience. Good luck finding that person on this show Diddy.

I Want to Work for Diddy is set to premiere on VH1 Monday, August 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

By Brittney Fennell