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WMUR Breaks It Down For Young People

As we’d said in this space yesterday, has an interesting take on delivering political news to young people. Owing equally to Jon Stewart, Tom Green and old-school Stuttering John, Your Fate ‘08 features Gonzo-light video clips of the candidates being yanked off message by young reporters, such as Joel Holland

In one, Obama is asked what he would do onAmerica’s Got Talent. "I sing pretty well," said the Democratic frontrunner, "but you’d have to install a shower on the stage." 

Another sees a tongue-in-cheeky Mike Huckabee endorse Chuck Norris as his secretary of defense, while another shows a reporter repeatedly tossing a question at the back of John Edwards’ telegenic head as Edwards bolts backstage. 

Some might say is dumbing down the process for first-time voters, but Your Fate is a unique strategy nonetheless. Humorous videos aside, probably the most useful aspect of it is the Compare the Candidates platform.