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WLS' NextGenPolitics a Work in Progress

WLS Chicago is using the NextGenPolitics feature on its Website to keep users informed on not only the presidential candidates, but the local ones too, such as the race for State’s Attorney.

Users are invited to pose questions to the candidates, who then answer in video segments. The only problem is, at least for the presidential race, they don’t seem too willing to answer. Among the Dem’s, Gravel, Kucinich and Richardson offer video segments in which they address the questions. Unfortunately, Gov. Richardson is no longer in the race. Regarding the more likely recipients of the Democratic nomination, neither Obama, Clinton nor Edwards has responded. 

"Candidate has not yet answered your questions or provided a video," reads the text below their pictures. "Please use link below to ask them to take part in NextGen Politics." 

It’s a similar story with the Republicans, as Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Romney and Paul all have failed to answer (Giuliani does offer his "12 Commitments to the American People" in text form, but no vid.) Even Fred Thompson–one who’s certainly no stranger to the camera–has failed to post a video. 

On the positive side, Tancredo and Hunter both saw fit to seize on a free ad when it was presented to them.

It’s only interactive if, ya know, both ends of the conversation interact.