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Who should get George's job?

It took about one minute after ABC announced that George Stephanopoulos would take over as GMA co-anchor for people to start speculating about who should host ABC’s This Week, the network’s Sunday morning news and politics show.

With Stephanopoulos at the wheel, the show has gotten better and better. He asks smart, tough, articulate questions and his top-notch guests respond in kind. Stephanopoulos, the quintessential Washington insider, makes the job look easy.

So who should take his place?

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart seemed pretty enthusiastic about PBS’ Gwen Ifill (pictured left) in the spot, as he expressed when Ifill was a guest on his show on Thursday, Dec. 10. Ifill said she was happy in her own sandbox, which includes reporting for the PBS NewsHour and hosting Washington Week in Review on Friday nights. She’s also done such high-falutin’ things as host presidential debates and write books, like the one she was hawking on The Daily Show: The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. I’m sure Ifill likes her cushy PBS job, but it also might be nice for her to have an audience for a change.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher’s vote is for Jake Tapper, who I will always remember as the guy who wrote about his blind date with Monica Lewinsky in the Washington City Paper lo these many years ago. Tapper is one of those rare journalists who has managed to integrate traditional tools of the journalistic trade – shoe leather and tough questions – with 21st century social media. Follow the guy on Twitter @jaketapper and see for yourself.

Nightline’s Terry Moran also is a leading candidate for the job, according to reports. He too can be followed on Twitter @TerryMoran. As far as I know, he has neither appeared on The Daily Show recently nor written any interesting freelance pieces about his dating life.

Here’s my idea: Stephanopoulos should keep his Sunday morning gig, while sharing his GMA job with his funnier wife, Alexandra Wentworth (pictured right). She could handle all the fluffy segments with reality-show cast-offs while he preps for big political interviews. And both could appear on Oprah on Fridays.

Problem solved.