When Martin Met Ted

While there have been numerous changes at Turner Broadcasting, some things stay the same.

John Martin (pictured), the still new CEO of Turner Broadcasting, had lunch in February with the company's founder, the inimitable Ted Turner, at Ted’s Montana Grill.

Reports of the engagement spread though the halls of Turner's Atlanta headquarters, and seen as a good omen by the Southerners.

Years ago, Martin as CFO of Time Warner had done some work with Ted Turner. Turner remembered and the lunch went well, according to Martin.

"I was glad to get his blessing," Martin said. "His name is on the front door."

Ted Turner's office in Atlanta is a few blocks from Turner Broadcasting but Ted said he could see Martin's new office from his window. "Ted said: 'If you're in trouble, wave a white flag in the window, and I'll be there in five minutes," Martin recalled.