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Wheels Turning in Motown

Things have been busy in Detroit, as WMYD is set to launch a 10 p.m. news Monday, reports Crain’s Detroit Business. WMYD is a MyNetwork station owned by Granite. 

TV 20 News at 10 faces off against WJBK’s established 10 p show. 

“We believe the market is able to withstand another newscast,” president/general manager Sarah Norat-Phillips told Crain’s. “Viewers will be happy to have a choice.”

Speaking of WJBK, the Fox O&O has parted ways with morning anchor Fanchon Stinger, reports TV Spy, in the wake of her involvement in the Synagro sludge scandal. Fox confirms Stinger’s departure. 

Stinger was caught in what sure looks like a conflict of interest, as her Singer Strategies media company was paid by Synagro for consulting services. WJBK had previously suspended Stinger for her involvement in the Synagro pickle.

For today’s momen of zen, WJBK gumshoe Scott Lewis investigates his coworker Stinger.

Will viewers miss Stinger?