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What Your Boss *Really* Wants For Christmas

As of right…about…now, B&C is soliciting nominations for our annual General Manager of the Year round-up, along with News Director of the Year and Multiplatform Broadcaster of the Year.

You can find more info, and nominate, here. 

Don’t be thinking only a GM in New York or LA or Chicago will win; we pick a top station GM for large, medium and smaller markets.

The deadline for nominations is November 25, and the winners will be featured in the December 23 issue.

Please e-mail nominations to and let us know what has made your candidate stand out from the crowd in your market and across the country in 2013. A word to the wise: Give us real-life examples of what your GM/ND/Multiplatform person did to stand out this year in terms of ratings and revenue and secondary platforms; telling us that they have great leadership skills is not going to cut it.

Here’s who won last year, and these profiles will give you a clear picture as to what made them stand out.

KING Seattle’s Ray Heacox (GM of the Year, Markets 1-25)

WTVF Nashville’s Debbie Turner (GM, Markets 26-50)

WHO Des Moines’ Dale Woods (GM, Markets 51-plus)

Univision Communications (Multiplatform Broadcaster of the Year)

KUSA Denver’s Patti Dennis (News Director of the Year)

Nominate away.