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What You Didn’t See On The SNL Season Premiere

New York–The New York Television Festival held a panel this afternoon with writers from all of the major New York based late night comedy shows. Scribes from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live answered questions from moderator and SNL player Jason Sudeikis.

Among the topics of conversation were some of the sketches that were left on the cutting room floor from last night’s season premiere of SNL, with host Michael Phelps. Sudeikis says he (half jokingly) pitched a fake commercial for a urine based cure for athletes foot, endorsed by Phelps. It didn’t go over well, and never made it past the pitch.

One sketch that sounded like comedy gold to me was “Puttin on the Spitz!” a talk show hosted by Mark Spitz, with the musical stylings of Elliot Spitzer.  Sudeikis says Phelps nixed it out of respect for Spitz.

But there may be life still for another sketch that never made it to air.  Erik Kenward, writing supervisor on SNL, pitched a sketch about layoffs at the Justice League of America. In it, Aquaman (played by Phelps) was laid off. While it didn’t make it to TV last night, Sudeikis said it could make an appearance–with another actor in Phelps’ place–later this season.