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What Were they Thinking, Or Were They?

I know, it’s only pro wrestling, where the storylines ouside the squared circle are often as goofy as the ones inside, where the chairs and the challenges fly, where the differences between good and evil are so exaggerated that you can see their white trunks vs. black trunks scenarios from space, like the Great Wall of China.

Its the WWE, where Donald Trump and Vince McMahon fought by proxy, I think, unless they didn’t,  for the privilege of seeing the other shorn of his locks like Samson. Whatever did happen with that match?

Anyway, I get it. Still, the latest storyline is troubling and tasteless, even for wrestling.

To ride some of the promotional flurry, and as it turned out, fury, of the Sopranos  finale, WWE cooked up its own "whacking." If you missed it, check out the WWE Web site, where they are pretending that McMahon is "presumably" dead after a fiery car bomb engulfed his limo on Monday night after a RAW event.

WWE even put out a press release with the sad news, and there were links set up to potential reaction from his shocked family and "eyewitness accounts" of the explosion, pictures of the fireball, a reference to "a seared corpse hanging outside the limo," and news that the flags at WWE headquarters have been lowered to half-staff.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I can turn on the TV or open the paper and read about real men and women who have been killed in real car-bomb explosions fighting unscripted fights, it makes me want to not use that scenario as some gimmick to draw more eyeballs to the TV or sell a few more tickets to a WWE event. "Watch the Explosion" advertises one link on the site. Haven’t we seen enough of the real thing?

I think maybe the heads of WWE have had too many encounters with the turnbuckle to have been thinking straight on this one.

But hey, maybe it’s just me.

By John Eggerton