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What Are You Working On?

There’s lots and lots of smart enterprise reporting going on in local TV, right?

I mean, WRAL Raleigh had that moving documentary on Hurricane Floyd last week, and KHOU Houston enacted true change in its market with its 11-part “Under Fire” series on gross malfeasance in the Texas National Guard.

I like writing about these things. I like writing about them a lot more than I like writing about station layoffs and amchors getting sacked for behaving badly off the set. Just as such stories make the local TV people who create them feel good about what they do all day, shining a light on the more impactful and influential news stories around the country makes me feel good about what I do all day.

With all of the stations-pooling-content going on, the buzz-term we kept hearing was “enterprise reporting”–pooling coverage of static events freed reporters up to chase down enterprise stories..

Drop me a line at and let me know what these stories are. What are you working on that makes you proud to work in local TV? I’m happy to share the more interesting ones with readers.