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WFLA Launching 7 PM News

Using the Olympics as a springboard, Media General’s WFLA Tampa launches a 7 p.m. newscast a week from today (7/30). WFLA is moving syndie staple ET to 7:30 to make room for the news.

“It’s really about serving our audience,” GM Brad Moses tells me. “There’s an untapped need for a 7 p.m. news from a broadcast station in this market.”

It may not be the most scientific measurement, but Moses says that when he looks out his office window at 6 p.m., the roads are full of cars–indicating, to him, the need for a later local news in early evenings.

“It’s the right news at the right time,” he says.

Moses says WFLA will add a few staffers for the newscast.

Parent MG is of course much closer to a pure-play broadcaster now that all but one newspaper has been sold. The stations stand to benefit from that.

Sister property lays out the competition at 7 p.m. in DMA No. 14.