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A Welcome Dose Of Paul Potts

If anyone is looking for a dose of feel-good TV–make that video–to balance the unrelenting bad news out of the Middle East, Britain’s Got Talent has just the ticket.

Actually, you’ll need to go to YouTube, where you can find plenty of clips of Paul Potts, the mobile phone salesman from South Wales who just won that TV talent show and the hearts of most of Britain, apparently, with a rendition of Nessun Dorma, a showy operatic piece made famous by Pavarroti.

If I were America’s Got Talent, I might throw a clip of his first performance on that show over here just for giggles. Simon went from an "I’ve got to sit through this" look to something bordering on amazement.

I don’t know whether Potts is a great opera singer, a potentially great opera singer, or just a guy with bad teeth and a good voice, but Mario Lanza drove a truck and this guy works for CarPhone Warehouse, so maybe there is something in the mobile thing ( I mean, la donna was mobile, eh?).

Anyway, I know that Potts’ rendition, that super voice coming out of a Clark Kent of a guy, put tears in my eyes, especially with the back story of him having been out of work and sick and in debt. But then, I cry at those Hallmark commercials where the big brother comes home from college at Christmas.

By the way, is Simon just nicer on his side of the Big Pond? In the few clips I saw from Britain’s version, the original version, of America’s Got Talent, he semed for more positive than on Idol, but that may be because I was looking at the acts that "got through to the next round," as they say in the reality show biz.

I am no fan of the dating reality shows or the races or the survival or the eating worms variety. I like home makeover and was intrigued by the people makeovers, but I am a sucker for talent competitions dating back to my days watching Ted Mack. Around she goes, and where she stops nobody knows. And no, I’m not old enough for Major Bowes.

And I am not, I repeat not, trying to tie this piece up quickly so I can get home in time to see the "inventors" talent contest on ABC.

By John Eggerton.