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We Can Work It Out

With governments famous for negotiation breakdowns over the size of the table or who gets to sit where, Bridges, an English-language TV network for American Muslims, is looking to do some back-channel olive branching with a new TV show described as "The McLaughlin Group…with God." Though isn't McLaughlin himself a former priest?

Anyway, the network, which was formed in 2001 in response to what was seen (make that "heard") as anti-Muslim rhetoric on conservative talk radio (there was certainly some of that), says it is providing a venue for Arabs, Muslims and Christians to "clear the air" in a new, 18-part series that brings together a rabbi, a priest and an imam.

I would make a joke, but a writer for the Jewish news service JTA already has in a story that tells you better than I what this is all about.

Check it out.

By John Eggerton